Core attributes, classes and methods used to define the look and behaviour of Bookmarks.

See the setup module for the initialization methods. Hard-coded default properties are defined in core. Configurable properties, such as colors and size settings are loaded from ./rsc/conf.json at runtime.


Submodules can be accessed directly from this top module. E.g.:

1# bookmarks.common.setup.initialize(common.EmbeddedMode) can be imported as
2from bookmarks import common

The app can be run in two modes. As a standalone application, or embedded in a PySide2 environment. The base-layers can be initialized with:

1from bookmarks import common
2common.initialize(common.EmbeddedMode) # or common.StandaloneMode

bookmarks.exec_() is a utility method for starting Bookmarks in StandaloneMode, whilst EmbeddedMode is useful when running from inside a host DCC. Currently only the Maya plugin makes use of this mode. See bookmarks.maya and bookmarks.common for the related methods.