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Bookmarks is a lightweight Python asset manager designed to browse and manage the content of animation, VFX and film projects.


The app categorises project content as separate bookmarks, assets and file items. You can configure these independently to link with, for instance, ShotGrid entities or configure their properties like frame rate and resolution to set Maya scene settings. You can use filters to sort and hide items, preview images, convert footage sequences, or ‘publish’ files.

See the User Guide for more information.

Quick Start#

To start using Bookmarks download and install the latest version.

For running the Python module, the simplest way to start Bookmarks as a standalone PySide application is:

1import bookmarks

Please see Python Modules for more information.

About Bookmarks#

I developed the app to help manage personal projects and keep myself organised (I’m a digitally messy person!). So, whilst it works great for me, might not be useful for you. Still, I tried to make it easily customisable to help adapt to site-specific environments. The Python Modules has all the information if you’d like to make changes.